VAFA is aimed to Visual Art, Film, and Animation. The idea of the conference was born in 2013 after the first successful pilot edition, that took place on 16th May 2013 in Multikino Ursynow /Warsaw/.

It was aimed to Animation 2D in Practice, and the very good receive inspired us to expand and galvanize the notion of the animation theme. This way modern, international, animation industry conference called – VAFA 2014 becomes a reality. From the very beginning we wanted to show the wider Polish and foreign audiences what is the most interesting in contemporary and modern animation. VAFA provides professional artists a forum to share experience and exchange ideas. VAFA is a place for dialogue between Polish and foreign animation artists, having a great impact to the integration of the practitioners and theorists, as well as establishing contacts and cooperation in the international animation industry. This conference is not only an excellent opportunity to showcase the richness and diversity of animation works and achievements, but also to give access to information otherwise not easy to be disclosed . VAFA meets the integrating objective as well as supports individual development of the artists and professional filmmakers. Animators, visual effects artists, 3D modelers and post-production specialists will gain a unique platform to consolidate their efforts and promote the works with splendid artistic value. VAFA conference is an annual event, that will evolve along with the fast growing animation world.


Animation Industry Conference – VAFA 2014.


Country– Poland, City – Warsaw, District – Central, Place – Cinema 'Muranów'


Spring 2014 roku, 22nd May


VAFA 2014 is the meeting place of animation artists and enthusiasts, a way to inspire them and expand their knowledge, a great way to gain new acquaintance and business contacts. Also to show the audience what important is happening in the animation world.

To adjust the process of transferring the knowledge, flash the inspiration, and discuss trends and directions of development we have prepared for participants four individual tracks. 

It will reflect innovations, practice and experiments, successful projects, and how alluring animation can be  in comics, games, mobile apps, advertising.

The conference will be featuring four trakcs and 20 sessions from animation experts. Each presentation is performed only once, so participants will often make difficult decisions – what topics to choose, and which to give up.

Animation in Practice

It will address issues related to the practical methods, tools and technique in every day of animators work.
The keynote will cover modeling, color, composition, light, camera and character acting in animation.
Experienced and renowned experts will tell the story how it was done taking as the example the successful projects.

Great Animation

This theme track will introduce representatives and developers of large and complex animation projects, including feature films.
By participating in these lectures you will gain a new perspective on how great animation can be done and how it came on the Polish and international market.

Innovation in Animation

Different and creative approach to animation and new capabilities it may give will be a major issue here.
In the scope of this theme track will be the most innovative designs and animation in recent years.

Animation Everywhere

Animation is a modern medium of communication that can perfectly fit to the new technologies or new way of communication.
The sessions will aim to show the diversity and flexibility of animation.
The speakers will show how animation can support and work side by side with the world of comics, games, mobile apps and advertising.

Beyond the sessions

VAFA is not only lectures and sessions. In the intervals you will be busy too. VAFA 2014 will also feature an electronic exhibition of the best Polish cartoonists.
The artists will provide from 50 to 100 artworks each, so that they can be displayed on a large format TV screens. You will be able to become acquainted with them and set eyes on their works to appreciate the talent

VAFA 2014 will also feature trade show and several exhibition points. Publishers will present recent production titles, somehow related to comics and animation, not forgetting the digital editions.
You’ll also be able to see numerous screenings and join the Evening, an informal meeting of VAFA conference guests. It will certainly be two very creative and intense days.

For exceptionally earnest participants we have something else!


After the conference VAFA 2014, in the last days of May, we have prepared technical workshops for the Conference participants who wish to take additional classes. It will be held in IT Media Academy training rooms. 

There are several interesting topics to choose from that cover some learning of animation skills in 2D and 3D applications. Although there are hundreds of seats secured throughout the week time, the number of participants in the technical workshops must be announced as limited.

The thrill of VAFA 2014 come alive, much will revolve around!


W tym roku swoje podwoje dla konferencji VAFA z pełnym zaangażowaniem otworzyło Kino Muranów.

Kino cieszy się mianem propagatora kina artystycznego. Odbywają się w nim przeglądy, premiery i festiwale filmowe. Na potrzeby Konferencji Kino Muranów oddaje dwie klimatyzowane sale (Zbyszek i Gerard), wyposażone w nowoczesne fotele i dźwięk Dolby Digital. W każdej sali znajduje się po 238 miejsc.

Warszawa – stolica Polski to bardzo gościnne dla artystów, filmowców i animatorów miasto. Tutaj, nad Wisłą mają swoją siedzibę liczne instytucje kulturalne, przeglądy i festiwale filmowe m. in. Warszawski Festiwal Filmowy mający 25-letnią tradycję. To Warszawa jest miejscem realizacji wielu projektów kulturalnych i domem dla producentów filmowych, firm postprodukcyjnych i studiów producenckich mogących pochwalić się nagrodami zdobytymi na międzynarodowych festiwalach. W kalendarz kulturalno-biznesowy Warszawy weszło nowe wyjątkowe wydarzenie branżowe związane z szeroko rozumianą animacją – Konferencja VAFA.

Kino Praha

W tym roku swoje podwoje dla konferencji VAFA z pełnym zaangażowaniem otwiera Kino Praha.



How to get to VAFA conference venue – Cinema ‘Muranów’

The location is very convenient for the participants both from Warsaw and guest visitors.

Cinema is located in the city center in the proximity of Plac Bankowy ( eng. Bank Square )
The exact street address is General Anders 5, 00-147 Warsaw.

GPS Coordinates

Address: Kino Muranów, Warsaw, Poland
Latitude: 52.2419197
Longtitude: 20.993553399999996


There is a subway station in proximity called: ‘Ratusz Arsenał’ (eng. City Hall Arsenal)

Train to Warsaw

Flights to Warsaw

  • Wizzair, Ryanair, Lufthansa, Polish Airlines LOT

Coach to Warsaw

ZTM – Warsaw Public Transport

How to get to Cinema ‘Muranów’ from ‘Centrai’ Train Station

We recommend a combination of WALK + SUBWAY. Enjoy a very short walk from the Train Central Station (5-10 minutes) towards the center ( east ) to the Subway Center Station.
From Subway Center Station you can ride 2 stops on the line towards MŁOCINY and get off at the stop ‘Ratusz Arsenał’ (eng. City Hall Arsenal).
Exit the subway and take the walk in the direction of the street ‘General Wladyslaw Anders’

How to get to Cinema ‘Muranów’ from ‘Zachodni’ Train Station

We recommend a combination of BUS + SUBWAY. From the bus stop DW.ZACHODNI 01 go in the direction of Grójecka-Centrum by line number 517 or 158 until the stop Centrum. Then go to subway Center Station.
From that station ( direction MŁOCINY) you can ride 2 stops – get off at the stop ‘Ratusz Arsenał’ (eng. City Hall Arsenal).
Exit the subway and take the walk in the direction of the street ‘General Wladyslaw Anders’

How to get to Cinema ‘Muranów’ from ‘Wschodni’ Train Station

We recommend a combination of  WALK + SUBWAY. We encourage you go by train to the Central Train Station and further as the description given above.


Warsaw have prepared a wide range of accommodations. We recommend you the following places with varying prices:

Hotel ‘Pod Grotem’

Address: Modlińska 15A
post code: 03-216
city: Warszawa
Tel. +48 22 811 22 00

The price of accommodation in a single room for the conference participants is 150 zł net, while the double room is only 180 zł net. These are the prices per room.

Travel from hotel to VAFA vanue – Kino Muranów
Take tramway line numer 18 or 20 and go until the stop ‘Metro Ratusz Arsenał’

Hotel ‘Ibis Stare Miasto’
Address: Muranowska 2
post code: 00-209
city: Warszawa
Tel. +48 22 310 10 66


Hotel ‘Ibis Stare Miasto’ agreed to offer VAFA participants 10% discount. What makes the cost of 278.10 zł per single room with breakfast included, the price is per night, and only within the conference time.

Following are the general booking conditions:

  • Reservations for VAFA 2014 guests  will only be accepted in writing with reference to the discount code VAFA 2014 on email address: OR
  • Each person making the booking will receive a return confirmation
  • Reservations at special rates will be accepted until 5th May /2014, after that date any application will be accepted by the standard prices


  • Cash  /  Credit Card (accepted: Visa, Amex, Eurocard/Mastercard), processed at the hotel reception.

Hotel Novotel
address: Marszałkowska 94/98
post code: 00-510
city: Warszawa
tel. +48 22 598 00 00


Hotel Novotel – Warszawa Centrum- is located in the city center, 5 minutes walk from Central Train Station. It is an ideal location for both business guests and leisure travelers. Gusts enjoy free Wi-Fi and space completely free from cigarette smoke. The hotel offers a fully equipped conference center, excellent both for big conferences and small meetings. And tourists visiting Warsaw appreciate the breathtaking views of the center of the Polish capital.

Travel from hotel to VAFA vanue – Kino Muranów
Take tramway line numer 18 or 20 and go until the stop ‘Metro Ratusz Arsenał’

Room standard
369 zł net + 8% VAT / standard single room / per night
399 zł net + 8% vat / standard double room / per night
The price includes a full breakfast buffet, in-room Internet access, 24-hour access to the hotel’s Wellness Center at 31 floor

Room economy
180 zł net + 8% VAT / economy single room / per night
The price includes a full breakfast buffet, Internet access in the room.

Here are the conditions of reservation / cancellation:
In order to guarantee please provide credit card details or pre-payment.
The guest has the opportunity to make a no-cost cancellation 7 days prior to arrival.
In case of cancellation after this date or not arrive, the person making the booking will be charged for the cancellation (all reserved nights).

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