IT Media -  Autoryzowany Ośrodek Szkoleniowy ADOBE


IT Media Academy is one of the most prestigious Training Centres in Poland. As the only one on our market is being authorized by so wide range of vendors of graphics software such as Adobe, Quark, The Foundry ( former Luxology ), Pixologic and Pinnacle . For many years IT Media organizes and provide numerous training courses, workshops and conferences related to graphics, design, animation and film.

Our goal, from the beginning, was to educate and promote expertise in the graphics industry . We give our students the opportunity to employment and promotion on the Polish and EU labor market, also to update and develop of the knowledge they have already possessed .

Our mission at IT Media Academy is to educate creative and independent individuals who are able to find their way in the  challenging and changing graphics, film and publishing industry.

We pursued our objectives by introducing a diverse range of courses in a number of tracks :

  •     Computer Graphics 2D and 3D ,
  •     Film Editing and post-production ,
  •     DTP and printing ,
  •     Creating web pages and applications,
  •     Design, retouching, infographics
  •     Applications for mobile devices – iPads , tablets .

The full offerings to acquire the knowledge for individuals, companies and public institutions are composed of open or closed classes and consultations at various levels of skills : basic, intermediate, advanced, and proficiency.

Our key to success is individual, respective and flexible approach to clients and their training needs. We use either ready-made and authorized training programs or customized classes based on the received guidelines, so as to meet the expectations of customers particularly when EU projects are concerned.

All the time we update our offerings for customers. We also included a new form – seminars, which many students are showing interest in. These are usually one-day meeting aimed at issues related to the specific job positions such as graphic designer, creative director or marketing manager.

In order to enable the exchange of ideas and learn new trends we also organize workshops and conferences, which become another opportunity to update the knowledge.

IT Media Training Centre with all the range of activities operate throughout the country, and the measure of its success is the number and satisfaction of the audience. Having trained over 7000 attendees since 2002, IT Media Academy has issued many Certificates of Accomplishment to attest the proficiency and competence of our participants.

For all our dear customers , we care about the quality and high level of education, the best selection of faculty and modern teaching facilities.
We want to be the best Knowledge Centre for you.

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