Tom Nedved

Animation screenplay from the producer’s point of view.

Badi Badi

Producer, director and scriptwriter of the animated movies.
In 2003 he founded – together with Tomasz Paziewski and Arkadiusz Paziewski – the postproduction and animation studio Badi Badi. After many years of gaining experience in advertising and movie postproduction, in animation and vfx production, the studio started creating their own animated series and mobile games in 2011.

Author of concept, script co-writer and director of the animated series “Agi Bagi” for preschool children. Producer of the short movie – directed by Marcin Janiec – “The Game”, which has been awarded over 20 times on animated film festivals around the world.

Director of numerous music videos (2 time YACH award winner, including the award for best music video in the Baltic Sea countries)

Tomasz is the co-author of the strategy for animated series “Agi Bagi”, “The Flying Bear & the Gang” and “Box and Ball”.

Involved in production of the “Agi Bagi” animated series, the first polish production, that has the guarantee of being emited in over a hundred TV stations worldwide, including Jim Jam (who is the cooproducer of “Agi Bagi”), Disney, RAI, HOP! Channel, Mediatoon, France Televisions, RTBF.

The lecture subject:

Animated series production in Poland – is it a hobby, business or pure insanity?

Agi Bagi – few words about how the impossible becomes possible.

Tom Nedved will tell the story about the process of animated series creation.

Badi Badi

Badi Badi is a Polish animation and post-production studio located in Warsaw and operating for more than 10 years now. It specializes in creating computer graphics, 3D animation, digital special effects and image composition for films and advertising. Badi Badi provides post-production for nearly 200 advertising spots yearly and cooperates with the largest advertising agencies. Years of experience in film and advertising post-production made them open a separate department dedicated to the production of animated series and associated computer games. Over the last 3 years, Badi Badi has been gradually developing a section dealing with production of own brands. “Agi Bagi” is the first project which marked their presence on the international market. It is currently in production, with a world TV premiere planned for winter 2014. Having an established position in the post-production industry, the studio aims at specializing in the production of animated series and films, games and mobile applications directed at family and children’s market, gradually building up their offer and extending the target.

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